Introduction To NetEnt

NetEnt is a software studio that offers premium casino games to different online casino operators. It was formed in 1996 and has the headquarters in Malta. Some of its subsidiaries include Red Tiger Gaming Limited, Net Entertainment Malta Ltd, and Netent Americas Llc. It has varieties of online slots that not only entertains but also gives players a chance to win. Visit 1netentcasino to read more.

How To Win A NetEnt Slot

For the real money gamblers, you can find different types of NetEnt slots at . As a new player, you might find it hard to win something in any of the slots. Here, we have a collection of tricks, strategies, secrets, hits and secrets to help you win. They have been achieved after doing millions of spins in both real money and demo mode.

A player must use software "triggers", learn different features and use hidden data. Understanding everything in the slot will help you to make a decision on which slot suits you. You also get a competitive advantage over the other players. If you follow them to the letter, you are likely also to lower the house edge and walk away with profits in the long run.

  • Learn the hidden parameters of the slot (RTP, Variance, Wagering requirement, etc.)
  • Obtain the mathematical explanation of each slot.
  • Look for mistakes, bugs in the software.
  • Learn how the software classifies you and other players.


Leaning From Demo Mode

To win NetEnt slots, you need to utilise the capabilities of their demo. You will learn all the behaviour of the slot without the need to risk the money. Both demo and real money slots operate from the same server and thus have the same attributes. You can select a profitable slot by understanding the behaviour of the slot in the demo mode (positive, negative, and neutral).

Positive mode(hot) has a positive prize pool (players have lost more money than they won). It has the highest potential to hit a huge win. Negative (Cold) has a negative prize pool balance. It has paid out a lot of money recently and needs to compensate for the prize pool. Such slots should be avoided. Neutral slots have zero balance in their prize pool. It is good to avoid it too.

Select the most profitable Netent slots

Some slots are known to be more profitable than others. Such games have a high RTP of above 97.5%. Some of them include Blood Suckers, Jackpot 6000, Mega Joker, Kings of Chicago, Sim Salabim and, Devils Delight. However, you should not only look at the percentage payout when selecting your ideal game. You should look at some of the parameters such as fund distribution and wagering ratings.

Understanding How NetEnt Software Classifies You

NetEnt software classifies players by the way they play their games. A player who makes a large deposit but chooses to play at small bets has higher chances of winning. The software will react to both winnings and losses when classifying players. You will find your self in a certain class depending on deposits and payouts you have. The program will then assist or prevent you from having super-massive wins.

  • Plating a demo version is the safest place to start.
  • The higher the RTP of a slot, the higher the winning chances.
  • Understanding the terms and conditions is essential before you commit to a slot.

Selecting Bonuses With Low Wager

In most NetEnt slots, you will find a bonus policy that explains different bonuses and their wagering requirements. You can then calculate the mathematical expectation of the slot. It gives you a 1.5% advantage. It is good to select a bonus with a low wager. Slots with an RTP of 97.5% and above and also a wagering requirement 40x and below have the highest winning potential.

Conclusion and Recommendation

To sum up, we have seen the proven ways to win in any of the NetEnt slots. Those strategies come from experts who did multiple tests on both real money and demo versions. You should follow them to the letter if at all you want to make money. It is good to use demo version of the slot when experimenting with different strategies. It will save you from silly loses.

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