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How To Conduct A Urine Test


Both in the first world and third world countries, drug abuse is posing a challenge and becoming a health threat to many individuals. It not only affects an individual socially and psychologically but it can also bring about negative effects to the entire society. One of the most common methods of testing for drugs is by the use of urine. This is because the urine testing kit is cheap, readily available and it is also not very expensive. Urine testing has also proven to be an accurate method of testing for illegal substance use.

By using this particular method of testing, one has the ability to establish if an individual is using drugs or not. Most of the drugs that are abused and can be detected through a urine test include heroin, marijuana, cocaine and even ecstasy.

Here then below, we are going to see the procedure that one can undertake in conducting a urine test. This is meant to establish whether there is the presence of an illegal substance in the body of an individual or not.

Here are the steps:

Specimen collection

jkgg856This is a very important stage in the urine testing procedure. Much importance is attached to it since the integrity of the specimen will determine the validity of the end-result. This is why one must ensure that the specimen dish used is clean. It should also be unbreakable, dry and should not be having any leaks.

It is advisable that the specimen is collected under supervision to ensure integrity. Any alteration in the specimen can cause the invalidation of the final results. It is important to note that the process can be embarrassing to an individual at times.

Another formula that one can use to increase the effectiveness of the urine testing process is the use of random sampling. This is where one does not know when their sample will be collected and taken for examination. This way, the sensitivity of the drug detection program is increased.

The procedure

This step usually takes place in the laboratories. The procedure is classified into two categories: immunoassays and chromatography. The former is used for screening purposes, while the latter is used for the confirmation of the result. All the process wants to examine is the different concentration levels of substances in the urine. The presence or otherwise of a particular drug is determined or indicated by the amount of radioactivity that is witnessed during the laboratory processes.

Interpretation of results

klghkg896Both positive and negative results have their own meaning. The result is said to be positive if the drug being tested for is found in the urine. This is on condition that the entire testing process was undertaken with due diligence. But this cannot be used to conclude that the person was under the influence of that drug when the specimen was collected.

On the other hand, a negative result can have a number of interpretations. It can mean that the person is not using that drug completely or he or she may be consuming it in small amounts.

The urine testing method for drugs is the oldest and has been found to be minimally invasive and safe to a larger extent. This is why it is the most common method of testing for drugs. Do you want to know how to beat this type of test? Check out theĀ Whizzinator reviews.…