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World health – challenges and solutions


Health is not such an easy thing to maintain. It is getting more expensive with each passing day. Not to mention the fact that the very meals and snacks you consume contribute immensely toward either your well or ill-being. As you draw your budget, you are advised to put something substantial aside for healthy meals, snacks, and drinks.

Not forgetting checkups to ensure that everything is okay inside your body. World health has suffered immensely since the introduction of some goods and products. Worse still, ignorance is rampant in some countries and continents. Some people engage in unacceptable practices such as giving ice cream to their kids for supper. Extreme as it may seem, sadly, it does happen. Here are some of the challenges that face world health as well as solutions.

Inadequate living conditions

Poor living conditionsThis has definitely got to be top of the list. The sad bit is that young and defenseless children are involved. A deeper look at this point will reveal to you how squalid this area is. Simply put, they are unfit for human habitation, but these same victims are pushed to the wall by circumstances. The World Health Organization (WHO), is supposed to be the organization responsible for handling such cases. For some reason, nothing seems to be moving. If so, their wheels seem to be grinding too slowly.

Inaccessible health centers and medicines

An unhealthy individual definitely needs to seek urgent and decent medical attention. Not forgetting the fact that the sick person in question might be unable to fend for themselves. Even if they were, some parts of the globe are unable to cater for their citizens medical well being. It could all be linked to the inability to set things right and prioritize the right things.

You can imagine how dire the situation is for people living with HIV/AIDS. They are supposed to take some drugs known as antiretrovirals which are popularly known as ARVs. Failure to adhere to this medication could lead to other complications.

Poor dieting

Poor diet This is the part where we nip it all in the bud. Most health problems stem from lack of a proper and healthier diet. For instance, encouraging young children and adults alike to include milk and vegetables in their diet is paramount.

These are the key agents to fighting off diseases as well as illness-causing organisms in our bodies. It might come as a challenge especially to those that can not afford it. The good news is that there are other viable options to be considered. Well-meaning organizations and other support groups have taken quite a huge step that must be emulated.

Solutions to world health challenges

It is encouraging and comforting to know that despite the raging challenges faced worldwide, there are lasting solutions. They include;

  • Maintaining healthy and habitable living conditions. Cleaning up the place and putting it in order will keep diseases away. Not forgetting the availability of clean water to drink.
  • Walk the talk – Our leaders have been holding conventions and talks to this effect, but nothing much is being done. It would be a lot easier if what is discussed is implemented with immediate effect.